Dienstag, 23. Mai 2017

SGWP: Summer dress part1

The "SGWP" (summer goth wardrobe projekt) finally started

A basic dress is an absolutely must have to me. And so i am starting with this. The pattern i am useing is pattern 43 in Simpicity 2/14. Its about 3/4 length and has no sleeves and a simple v-neck. So it is perfekt to wear in different styles and combine with lots of accessory.

The fabrik i am useing is a lightweight black cotton. At the fabric store i got 4 meters priced down the half, so it is enough to make a second something out of it. Mabe a skirt.
As always i started with making the pattern out of paper. And make a first placement on the fabric to see if it fits and i have all pieces together.

So here is my 2D paper dress

After this i pinned the pattern down and cut everything out. 
Then i begun sewing everything in place. And it took me longer than i expected, so i was not able to finish the dress in one afternoon. (This is why i decided to make a two part post out of it) The top piece is ready. Only the skirt part is missing. 

It looks already good to me. not to much work left. And the best of all: it fits perfectly. Its an German Size 36. I am really looking forward to when it is finished and ready to wear.

Next time i will show you how it looks finished and make a little look book on how i planed on styling the dress.

Best wishes,

Queen of bats

Montag, 8. Mai 2017

My 10 ungoth confessions

Well, I planned to show you the basi summer dress and how i made it as first piece of the summer wardrobe... but the rainy and cold weather outside took away all my motivation on making stuff for warm weather.

So this will be completely different. Lets talk about ungoth confessions.
There are a lot of viedos themed "my 10 ungoth confessions" on youtube. I watched a lot of them and it made me think about it a lot. What is really ungoth? Is not likeing the taste of wine ungoth? If it is, is drinking a lot of wine or likeing it goth?
If ungoth things are things goth are not typically making or doing, what are the typically things?
According to society all goth are worshiping Satan. I DO'NT! I am catholic and believe in god.
The next thing according to society is, you cant get a job looking like this. So, i am ungoh because i am haveing a job? I like my job and working. How else would i pay the expensive Goth clothes?
Well, after a lof of thinking and reading this first parst over and over again, here are the ten things i came up with.

1. I like knitting
Knitting is out of fashion no matter where you look, but i like it. And my knitted stuff does really look gothy.

2. I love cooking
Everyone needs to eat, even goth people. And i really love to cook.

3. My garden
I ave a very huge section in my garden where i grow herbs, veggies and fruit. The taste and quality of self grewn food is much better than the one you can buy at grocery stores.

4. I am a non smoker
well, lots of people think when you are goth you ned to smoke. You absolutely dont!

5. I dont drink Alkohol
(not much Alkohol) I simply dont like the taste of most alcoholic drinks and i really dont like the feeling of beeing drunk.

6. I absolutely love my hair
For a long time i thought as goth i need to dye my hair. And so i dyed my hair black and red over and over again. But i damaged my hair this much i needed to cut it off. So i decided no longer dyeing nine month ago. Now my haircolor looks really crazy at the moment, but my hair is going to be healthy again.

7. I am in a reenactement club
I do medieval reenactement og gypsies in 1407, so medieval music, colorful clothing and no makeup while liveing in a tent, cooking on open fire and beeing outside all day long on some weekends of the year.

8. doing lots of sports
based on my love to cook i needed to start working out. (my expensive clothing needs to fit a very long time) And now i love it. The last year i went to a gym on regular basis. Now, because of my moveing i dont have a gym membership any longer. So i started Pilates once a week in class and doing a lot of outdoor aktivity like hikeing and cycling.

9. Disney movies
I love, love, love them. My absolutely all time favourite is "beauty and the beast"

10. Shopping in normal Stores
This means i like to go shopping at stores like H&M and hunt for goth like stuff.

So this is it. I hope you enjoied reading. What are your thoughts on "ungoth confessions"?
I really hope the weather is going to be better soon and my motivation to work on the summer wardrobe projekt will be back.

Have a great week,
until next time


Montag, 24. April 2017

Inspiration - summer goth

Well, i am not able to create the summer, but i am able to create a summer wardrobe on my own.
Inspired by a low budget and spending to much time surfing around pinterest I decided to create this jears summer wardrobe based on diy and old/thrifted/cheap stuff.

Here is my little "Summer goth" pinterest: follow to summer goth
This is going to be continued.

So what i really want to make/have:
- A Maxi dress. Just dress on and ready.
- A long flowing skirt. Or two of them...
- Barefeet sandals. I think they are really good looking when wearing easy black Heels
- A lace Cardigan. Saw them on ReeRee Phillips. Just great.
- Harem pents. Even i am the more skirt and dress person i want them.
- a Body harness. Just to pimp basic shirtrs or dresses

Basically i want to have some "basic" Stuff what is easy to style up with different accessoires.
I know this will be a lot of work. But when i dont want to wear all the same things like last jear, i need to make myself some new stuff.

And here are some inspirational Summer lookbooks:

So what do you want to have for summer time? Or is your Summer wardrobe still ready? 
I hope to start soon and be able to show you lots of stuff and be inspirational.

Queen of bats

Dienstag, 18. April 2017

Craft along with GIY

GIY: goth it yourself is a creative goth blog, written by Bane. And it was the first ever gothic Blog i was reading and still be.
For a while now, Bane is doing a Craft along every month. And now, finally, i am able to join.
follow this link to Banes original post

This month theme is: outdoors
According to the weather here in Bavaria a warm scarf, hat or coat will be more matching then a summer themed outdoor craft. But, summer is hopefully coming soon and i like to be prepared. 

And so i picked out to decorate a Straw hat.
I already had one at home so this was easy to decide and to do. 

Here is what i started with: A black hat with sparkling Bow from a dollar store, bought last summer

At first i removed the old Bow and band.

then simply restyled the hat with an velvet ribbon.

for makeing it a bit more dramatic i added some "flowers" made from fleece cut outs and an net fabric. Last thing i decided to glue on some black little sparkling dots, might be cool looking when the sun shines on them. 

now, i hope the sun and warm weather will be coming soon so i can wear it outside.

Creating this hat, following the craft along theme was a lot of fun and i think i will join the next one as well. Its great haveing a monthly theme on what i will post. Less thinking, more crafting. And more DIY on this blog. 

Please dont forget to check out Banes Blog and all the other Crafts what are made based on the Craft Along. 
I hope you all enjoyed reading this and have a nice week,

Queen of bats

Freitag, 7. April 2017

DIY: Fleece Poncho

This time, as i said, a quick and easy diy.

Maybe someone remembers my last years "upcoming sewing projects" Post. I finally managed to sew the Spring/Autum Jacket. And i really love it. It is warm but i dont get sweating in it. Just perfekt.
Sewing it was really easy and quick done. I will show you some pictures at the end of the posting.

What i wanted to say: I had some leftover fleece fabric. And so i sewed a Poncho out of it. It is never wrong to have one.

Here is what you need:

- two rectangles out of fleece fabric 50 x 80 cm plus seem allowance
- a sewing machine or needle and thread
- trim, ribbon or other decoration as you want

This is really easy and quick. Of course you can use every fabric of your joice. Maybe lace? this will look good over an simple Shirt or Corset. (need to think closer about that)

If you are useing fleece, you dont need to sew the edges, if you use another fabric, start with zigzag stitch the edges.

To make the two pieces a full working cloth, sew the two pieces together, as shown in this Picure:
This are just two seems.

And here you go, you have a poncho.

Now, youo simply need to hem the outer and inner Edges. If you use fleece: you are ready now.

For mine, I rounded out the edges, useing a Plate as template. And to finish it with stitching around it.
So, this is what it looks like:

not very spectacular, but i like it a lot

Just half an our and it was ready to wear. The stitching did take a bit longer.

And as I Promised, here is my fleece jacket. Just thinking on some dekorations. Maybe some Lacing in the back?

I hope you enjoyed reading this and i helped you getting inspired for you next diy.
Do you have any Ideas what i could do next? Or something you want me to show you?

Queen of Bats

Freitag, 16. Dezember 2016

Flez-art - Shop review

I Made myself an early christmas Gift and did some Bat shopping.
This time i bought at the Dawanda Shop Flez-art.de i mentioned bevore at my christmas baking post. Its a Shop from Berlin, Germany. And it is owned by a woman called Petra. 
There are a lot of bat styled items. It is all made with lot of love, what you defenitely can see and feel.
The Best thing of the shop: 5% of your buying is given to an bat saving organisation.
Lets go to what i have bought.
I ordered last thuesday and everything arrived Saturday. So this was quite fast.
And here is what i bought:

My items are:
The bat wing mug: The best mug i own now
A bat shaped warming bottle: never feel cold again
A leather hair acessoire: follow me
And a Wolf cookie cutter: the way to the wolf

Everything has an very good quality and looks like it will last a very long time. My coffee never tasted better than drinking it out of the bat wing mug.

A thing i got earlyer by an Facebook giveaway flez-art.de did, i won the First price. This cute little bat you can also get at her shop. This little cutie is really nice and always around me. At the Moment she is hanging around my Tea shelf.
Here you can get your own: the little flezmaus and the best: you can decide what colour your Bat is going to have. 

So of you are looking out for something spezial and made-with-love bat item, go to flez-art.de. Even you are doing some good thing by the 5% given to the bat saving organisation.

Next week i will show you a new DIY. 
Have fun shopping and saving the bats

Queen of Bats

Freitag, 9. Dezember 2016

Christmas bakery the gothy way

As I told the last time, I will show you some goth Christmas bakery.

I love cookies. All around the year and spezially at christmas time. But with christmas cookies it is the same as the dekorations. Nothing really gothic looking. So lets style them up.

during the last years i got several cookie cutters which look gothy. I am haveing three diferent Bat cutters and a Skull. And it is really great. Make the dough of your choice, i choose choclate for the Bats and Butter-cookies for the skull. So it all has the color thats normal to it.
When you dont have cookie cutters like this, you can get Bats, skulls and other really gothy ones at flez-art.de. Etsy is also a great place to get something different to the normal ones.

And if you dont want to buy some of this, you can decorate normal cookie shapes a bit more gothic. So how about makeing round cookies and dekorate them with white iceing and chocolate like Jack Skellington Faces? Or simply cover with really dark choclate so that they look black.
Another Idea is makeing gingerbread man, cover with dark choclate and paint a skeleton on it with white iceing.
I also found some skull sugar sprinkles to dekorate the cookies. It was Halloween time when i bought them.
Last but not least, poisoned apple cookies. Easy cookie dough, dekoratet with red and black iceing.
Or make Cinnamon Stars and paint a Pentagram on them.
Maby cutting out layered Cookies in Coffin shape? There are so much you can do. Just get creative.

And here you go with some really gothy and spooky christmas cookies.
finally, mine:

And as an litte extra, the Queen herself by rolling out the Gingerbread dough at her best friends kitchen:

So now enjoy your bakery and Cooky dekoration. And let me know if you are haveing another idea on how to make the christmas bakery more Goth.

Queen of Bats